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Artin Education is a specialised tuition centre in Glen Waverley, Melbourne focusing exclusively on English and Mathematics, catering to students of all ability levels. Our students achieve results by understanding not only 'why' in the concepts but also how to drive themselves to succeed.

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Understand 'why', finally.

Know that feeling of satisfaction when you successfully crack a maths problem? We do too. At Artin Education, we pride ourselves in helping you, the student, understand the 'why' when it comes to essay writing or understanding a math concept.

Our Offerings

Regular VCE Classes

Weekly tutorials designed to help you understand, stay ahead, and master your exams. Available for VCE English and Maths.

Private Tutoring

Boost your confidence and grades at Artin Education with our top private tutors working at a pace and level tailored to your needs. Available for Year 7 - VCE

Parental Communcation

Transparency in education is important. That's why our tutors utilise an online system where parents can see the progress of their children, with personalised homework and feedback to complement learning outside of the classroom.

VCE Books

Textbook too confusing? No problem. Our notes are written by the best of the best tutors. They are designed to help you navigate the most complex of concepts and prepare you thoroughly for the exam. (Available: Mid-2019)

Online Video Tutorials

Some topics or questions can be really hard. That's why we've created video tutorials specific to your subject that you can use to learn and revise those topics or questions, at a time and pace that suits you.

Holiday Program

Our holiday program is for students who either want a head start or are looking to learn the secret tips and strategies to maximise their exam marks. These commence in January for (head start) and September (exam preparation).

Be taught by the best of the best tutors.

Our head tutors, Bob Zhu (VCE English, 50 raw) and Ming Lian (VCE Specialist Maths, 50 raw) have scored the highest possible mark in the entirety of Victoria. They have over 10 years combined tutoring experience in their respective subjects. Furthermore, Bob has written law reviews , whilst Ming has actively worked for Cambridge University Press Education with the publication of the latest VCE textbooks and more. Rote-learning and memorisation of formulas is a thing of the past at Artin Education. We produce results by having our students deeply immersed in the content, by extending our study methods to your child. Not convinced? Read some of the testimonials from our satisfied students.


Specialised Tutoring.

Our head tutors, Bob and Ming, have only tutored English and Mathematics respectively. They are experts in their subject domains, backed by the fact that both hold qualifications in Actuarial Studies from the University of Melbourne, in which mathematics is rigorously applied to real-world scenarios. You wouldn't go to the dentist for an eye checkup, right?

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Indicative Fees for 2018/2019 For private one on one tuition, the fee is $60 per hour (1 hour - inclusive of all materials). For small group tutorials (<7), the fee is $60 per tutorial (~1.5 hours - inclusive of all materials). This works out to be $600 per student per term (10x tutorials). Discounts are available for families who have either multiple children/subjects enrolled. Please inquire for more information.

Free Trial Offer

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our program so we are backing this with a no obligation FREE consultation.

Whether you are having trouble with the basics or are a student looking for a challenge, Artin Education can help you achieve your best.

Questions? Feel free to drop us a message either email, text, or chat with one of our two head tutors in the bottom right of the page.

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